RYU Apparel partners with The Wall Trainer

ryu apparel inc ryu enters into exclusive marketing partnership vmuyb947 2021 10 25

Sports apparel company RYU has partnered with The Wall Trainer in a marketing partnership.

The Wall Trainer, the maker of zero-carbon full-body machines, will be working with RYU on their Movement Matters brand campaign. As part of the partnership, RYU will produce Wall Trainer-branded apparel, slated for release in 2022.

RYU will also provide training to The Wall Trainer’s social media influencers, who will become isolated from RYU’s network to offer exclusive deals to their followers. . This is intended to expand RYU’s media presence.

The Wall Trainer CEO Scott Anderson said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with them on The Wall Trainer branded apparel. “We also look forward to expanding our collective brand presence with an influencer campaign.”

RYU’s previous collaborations include a collection for the NFL Alumni Academy and branded uniforms for the Canadian Olympic skateboarding team.