Pals Socks and Paul Frank launch sock collaboration

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Sock brand Pals Socks is collaborating with fashion designer, cartoonist and artist Paul Frank on a sock collection.

The two brands partnered to create a limited-edition collection, featuring the beloved Paul Frank characters. The collaboration became available on October 12 for a limited time. Designed for both adults and children, the collection aims to promote inclusivity and adventure.

Pals Socks founder Hannah Lavon discussed the compatibility of the collaboration saying, “Paul Frank’s characters are made up of different quirks and colours. And despite those differences, they are friends anyway.”

Featuring four different pairings, the friendly looking characters aim to be introduced to the newest generation through parents who grew up wearing Pal Frank. Signature character, monkey Julius is matched with four other characters – wingman Bob, Clancy the Giraffe, Sam the Grub and advisor Skurvy.

“We hope,” Lavon said, “parents will share in the nostalgia of Julius, Clancy and friends with their kids, while teaching important lessons along the way.”

The friendly, colourful aesthetic that both brands espouse makes them suited to each other, using the familiar characters to send the collaboration’s main message: we don’t have to match to be friends.